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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gone midnight

To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true. H.L. Mencken, 1919

Apols for no election ranting. I've been busy sorting out an article on the European Round Table of Industrialists, the lot behind much of what goes on in the EU. I had just 2,000 words to play with, which ain't a lot if you are writing about something (a) you're interested in & (b) you have lots of info about. Plus I had a lot of technical problems (that's the basic fundamental flaw about the premise of The Terminator films- machines are too thick and stupid to take over). Anyway, I am done and it just needs to be sent via e-mail to the European Journal (actually pretty anti-EU, in spite of the name) -hopefully all will be ok.

As for the General Election- nominations closed today- I think it will be Con, Lab, Lib Dem & Green in Brent East, so the Greens it will be. My parents in Lichfield (solid Tory- the place, not my parents!!) have the 3 mainies and UK Independence Party standing. UKIP's central policy, pulling out the EU, is ok- it is all the rubbish which goes with it ie the let's go back to the 1950s mentality (as a leading EU critic once told me)which puts me off them. Lots of closet Tories in UKIP- I think the real reason Kilroy Silk (Monster Raving Ego Party withstanding) was kicked out of UKIP was after he suggested UKIP should go out and destroy the Tories. UKIP reminds me of groups like the Communist Party of Britain and some other far left groups who are outside the Labour Party but want Labour to win. A bit like the SWP, but I'm afraid no tales about the SWP today, as it's 12.30am and I need my sleep.


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