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Friday, July 08, 2005

London can take it

Well it is 24 hours or so since the bomb attacks here. Some arm of the "Bootboys for Allah" have claimed responsibility. I'm not surprised.

Just before going to type this I saw some of the latest police press conference on the tv, and they don't so far think it was suicide bombers, and the explosions seem to have been inside bags on the floors of the carriages/bus. Myself, I get the feeling that the tube bombs could well have been on the rail lines themselves. I know from experience (and thinking of the Madrid train bombings last year) that rush hour tube carriages in central London just before 9 on a weekday morning would be packed. You are talking at least 50 people in a carriage. By now we would know there would be hundreds of deaths confirmed, instead of the 50 or so thus far. Some of the eye witnesses I heard on the tv yesterday say the tube trains were derailed, rather than blown apart, like the trains in Madrid last year. Also if the bombers wanted to cause maximum damage, why didn't they set bombs off in bags at Waterloo, Baker Street, Bank/Monument (ie the really big interchange stations here)? If they had let bombs off at those 3, there would be no tubes running today, and you would be talking deaths in the high hundreds. So if it is found that the bombs were on the lines, that raises questions of access.

That's all I really wanted to say. Life in London goes on. After the initial shock, people seem to carry on and muddle through. That's how the 2012 Olympics will be like!!


Blogger missyfitz said...

Good thing you are okay! It has been a rather odd set of explosions...I suspect its your basic "copy cat" fundementalists.

4:02 pm  

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