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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Big stuff worth checking

Sorry the title sounds like a porn site.

A couple of things I've found (or refound) on the Net which people may find of interest/use. However, both are quite large, and I suggest you go to the actual links below to access them.

The first is a piece which Kevin Carson submitted to the Libertarian Alliance. The LA are anarcho-capitalists, the answer over here to North America's Libertarian Parties, although the LA are non-party political. Having said that, most of the LA appear (I'm ready to be corrected) Tory Party aligned. The big split in the LA seems to be between those who think the Cons offer something to free marketeers, and those who think the Cons are a bad joke. Some LAers seem to be Thatcherite partisans and think the Great Woman was sent from above to save us all from Socialism. Useful idiots, to quote Lenin.

Anyhow, Kevin's dry sounding Austrian and Marxist theories of Monopoly-Capital: A Mutualist Synthesis is an extremely good read. Caveat empor: it is 85 pages of A4 in length when printed off.

Secondly, another long (32 pages of A4) piece worth visiting if one is fascinated by the activities of the British Left is the 1988 publication "As Soon As This Pub Closes". It is biased, as the intro says, and it is pre-collapse of Berlin Wall/USSR and the appearance of NuLab, but it is witty & informative.


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