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Thursday, November 03, 2005

How to blog & more Noel Natter to come

Well I now have my own PC with broadband next to my bed in my flat, so I don't have to walk all the way to a net cafe or try to use the PCs at work. I hope to be able to be even more regular on the blog front. If I see stuff in papers, mags, websites or in e-mails sent I can get it onto my blog in hours (minutes? seconds?) instead of days or even weeks as it can be at the moment. Also if I have eureka, grand synthesis or clever phrase moments (everyone knows the cutting remark to say AFTER the big event) I can get on my PC and blow everyone away with it.

Thanks to everyone who sends me messages to my blog, although I'm hardly a person big into Hollywood eye beauty treatments. As long as people say they appreciate what I put up, as opposed to just trying to flog their wares, I won't make a fuss. On my hotmail account I used to get so much spam until the hurricanes hit Florida last September (2004). Then that destroyed about 90% of spammers (both their buildings and the infrastructure) so now I very rarely get e-mails which are from people totally out of the blue.

I have been asked advice both on this blog and offline about how to blog. It's simple really. Decide what interests you and type about it! If you see interesting stuff elsewhere, put in on your blog. Acknowledge your sources and if they are online be polite enough to give their website address (and now I know, connect their website to yours via the paperclip over green grape symbol at the top of your blogging screen). Also don't go into fancy templates. NEVER have light writing on dark backgrounds. I have come across websites which have white writing on a black background. Who on earth is going to look at THAT? My advice is dark (preferably black) script on a mellow colour. Don't hurt the reader's eyes- computers are bad enough without screwing up the sight of those kind enough to read your thoughts and rants.

Anyway here endeth the lesson. Be true to yourself and you will blog fine.


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