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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Over my election blues

Sorry I gave up on my blog as the campaign reached its climax (and to use a phrase used after so many climaxes "is that it?"). However, most people who agree that the General Election campaign was the most awful event. I basically avoided the whole thing as much as possible, so I pity those who have only a passing interest (or none at all) in party politics. I voted Green as opponents of the Iraq war and the EU Constitution. Tony got back in, but a lot of traditional Labour voters went on strike. At least the Tories didn't get in. Perhaps droning on 24-7 about immigration isn't a guaranteed vote winner. Considering Michael Howard the Cons leader is the son of an illegal immigrant, the hypocrisy of the man is breathtaking. The most outrageous story I heard was down in Richmond in South west London where the Tories had so few people prepared to canvass for them that they got Eastern European immigrants at £4 an hour to leaflet for them.

What really got me down was the performance of the race obsessed British National Party. They were getting 1,000+ votes and saved deposits all over the place, and beating the Greens, UKIP and Veritas too many times for comfort. The far left (unless you count Respect, who between themselves and the BNP have made people divide along communalist lines throughout East London) did extremely badly even by their low standards. Time to hang together or hang separately folks!

Anyway, I've sort of got over my depression about the results. I have left this blog in a bad condition, but much more will appear in the coming weeks (before my hols in late July/early Aug). Below are some websites/blogs you may find of interest:

These above are associated with Kevin Carson & Larry Gambone, an American and a Canadian who can be best described as evolutionary anarchists. As I believe in the vote as the only way to really change society, I'm not an anarchist. However, there is so much both say, particularly their concept of mutualism, which I agree with. I want an English Mutualist Party to vote for in 2009/2010!!

Martin Cole's impressive blog is my best source of up to date info about the UK Independence Party. If only my blog was in the same league (as opposed to a Sunday pub soccer team league!).


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