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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Some other useful sites

Martin Cole, who runs the UKIP Uncovered website mentioned previously, left to join Veritas, Robert Kilroy-Silk's breakaway from UKIP earlier in the year. He appears just as ready to criticise Veritas as he does UKIP. Since neither party made a breakthrough at the recent General Election,it seems logical that the two parties should (re)merge.However, the clash of egoes involved means I can't see that happening. Obviously,like the far left, the leaderships of both parties seem prepared to hang seperately rather than together.

This is run by the Communist Party of Great Britain, an avowedly Leninist sect. Their paper The Weekly Worker is essential reading for anyone who wants to have more than a vague idea about what is happening with Britain's professed Marxist groups. Donations are gratefully recieved.


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