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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Radio silence broken again

At last. I haven't done much on the blog for a while. This is particularly reprehensible of me as I seem to have a rapidly expanding readership. The criteria I use is Profile Views which has shot up to the heady heights of 247 at last check. This is after ages wondering whether I would ever go above 100.

I guess a fair few may be spambots. You know, those gits who send you e-mails saying "you have a great blog! look at mine, I can sell you things!" I was fooled once last year, but no more. However, my readership grows and I must respect it. Only a liar says they don't like being read by other people.

I've had a couple of colds during the last few weeks, which has hardly helped. In fact, the Net is ideal for those under the weather! You can just click on the mouse, gawp at a site, then go elsewhere. However, to actually contribute to the ever expanding web- it's hard when you don't feel good. You become a passive consumer, like those who watch rubbish daytime tv.

I've also had some other bits and pieces which have made me feel guilty about blogging. I am trying to write an essay for a Fabian Society/Guardian competition about Britishness. If I was to win it would be £3K and a article published in The Guardian. I wouldn't say it would be my meal ticket into the big league, but it would be bloody good!!

Anyway, without any further ado, back to the blogging...


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