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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Water water everywhere...

Apols for the lack of blogging recently, but my spare time has been taken up by that competition essay on Britishness. The closing day is next week (17th- Saint Patrick's Day, which is a bit ironic) so I'm concentrating on that. The ideas are coming thick & fast: it is just putting them in order and keeping it to 3,000 words max which are causing me grief.

So I'll leave you with thoughts on the weather (v.British!). It's started raining here but I suppose the drought is still on. Hose pipe bans, water metering etc etc. However, when the rest of the world has droughts it's 30 degree centigrade/celsius (what is the difference?), cloudless blue skies and constant sunshine. Here it is cold & grey with a biting wind. Bloody typical- we can't even get a decent drought together...

PS The spell check for "Britishness" offers "Brutishness"...


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