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Monday, October 23, 2006

By way of explanation

I haven't done much with my blog through October. There are some reasons for this. I was pretty poorly towards the start of the month. Basically I caught whatever was going round and I had a week in bed. Then this week I have been out and about (drinks with friends in Ye Olde Londone Citye Centre; went to my first meeting of West Hampstead Book Club; and went to the cinema to see the v.good Children of Men- still from film above). I was going to do some blogging last night but my broadband connection was down for some reason. I'm back on nights this week, so I won't have much time this week to post stuff. However, I had to type something this morning just in case anyone thought I was dead or giving up the blogging game.

As I said in a recent post, politics has an air of the same old, same old for me at the moment. I realise that I will have to sit down and just type about the reasons for this at some point. However, the inspiration is not there are the moment. It will return, I am sure, but my blogging muse is currently AWOL.

PS I recently saw this on the Net. With the figure I got, you can see why the loss of my broadband connection last night left me scratching my head...

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Blogger david said...

I read your blog about political science with interest but I am more interested in a discussion on a one- to- one basis through Email about the essence of politics rather than current politics.Interested?

11:49 am  
Blogger Anglonoel said...

Sorry, I'm more interested in current politics than the essence of politics.

3:18 pm  

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