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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Apols for radio silence

I've really neglected this! Hardly part of the cutting edge of the information revolution am I! Once the election is called I will get lots more up, including a guide to why I won't be pounding the streets with election leaflets in the run up to (as it will almost certainly be on) May 5th.

Seriously, I am busy on other stuff, including the European Round Table of Industrialists and the Canadian Constitution. Both articles that are emerging are quite fact laden, as opposed to polemical. It is the academic in me. I can't just say things- they need to be footnoted, backed up and protected from charges of plagiarism. In blog world it appears to be shoot first, ask questions later. However, I will have to change my style for blogging, won't I?

Also I will get off politics a bit. Important, but it shouldn't be an all consuming thing. To quote Denis Healey, every politician needs a hinterland. Here's a few things I will discuss in coming weeks (months? eons?). Any responses would be gratefully grabbed at!!

Saruman- is he an ally or a servant of Sauron?

Why was Monty Python's Life of Brian the only film ever to be banned by my home town council?

How can a NATIONAL Hockey League consist of Ice Hockey clubs from two countries? Should Canada pull up the drawbridge, create a proper Canadian Hockey League, and let Ice Hockey south of the border mainly wither on the vine (Nashville? Tampa Bay? The only ice there is in peoples' drinks!!)

Why are the Sex Pistols, not the Beatles, the real Fab Four?

Hopefully those might hit the bottom of the blog well (like Pippin's in Moria, and see where it got him & his companions!).

Enough enough- more will appear in good time- don't be hasty!

PS How come does the spell check on a blog not recognise the words "blog" and "blogging"? (1st suggestions were "bloc" and "flogging" respectively!)