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Friday, July 15, 2005

Help Needed, Part 1

For more time than I wish to remember I have been trying to write an article on how aspects of Canada's Federal system of government could be applied to a possible English/British Federal/Regional system of government. I've read a few books on Canadian government (they do exist!!) and made plenty of notes, but I think I should know more. If anyone out there can help, I'd much appreciate it. All help will be acknowledged. Thanks!!


Blogger Larry Gambone said...

Hello Noel. I agree that a federal structure would be better for the UK than a unitary one. However, Canadian federalism, while in many senses more decentralized than say the present US system, has its flaws as well. Perhaps for such a relatively small country as the UK, a variation of the Swiss style of federalism might be more to the point. The thing is, a genuine federation is created bottom up, and power flows from the bottom up. Switzerland is very much like that. Canada, on the other hand has a strong central government, with a division of powers allowing the provinces autonomy in certain areas. While, this latter aspect is good, by no means does power flow from the bottom upwards. The other problem is, that while the provinces have a certain amount of autonomy, counties and municipalities don't. They are totally subserviant to the provinces. A real federation would allow a great deal of county and municipal autonomy, in fact, the province would be a federation of counties and municipalities. Then I have not even brought up the question of Quebec Nationalism and Western alienation! If you would like to discuss further, please write me at

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