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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kevin Carson on the C-word

This I found and kept from the Distributism egroup on Yahoo (I left after I realised that there are only so many apologies for Catholicism I can spend my life reading). It is mutualist Kevin Carson's take on the origins of "Capitalism" as a concept:

The funny thing is, the term "capitalism" was originally coined by early
classical liberals as a devil-term, referring to a system of statist class
privilege in which the government was controlled by capitalists and
intervened in the market on their behalf. I've been told, anyway, that
Thomas Hodgskin (who was both a free market radical and a Ricardian
socialist) was the first to use the term. The term "capitalism" was
"rehabilitated" by some free market libertarians in the 20th century, after
the mainstream of that movement had shifted into an apologetic for big
business interests.

That's one reason I like to push the slogan "free market anti-capitalism":
I'm trying to recover the original sense of the word.


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