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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A word from the sponsors

Hello John, Got a New Motor?

I tried to get an image of Alexei Sayle from the video for his seminal 1984 hit with the above name, but I have had to settle with his Benito Mussolini routine from The Young Ones.

Anyway, I find cars the most boring subject on the planet, even though the first thing I ever said was "Kaa" apparently. Furthermore, when the oil runs out, they'll largely become artifacts for 30th Century archaeologists. At the same time, I try to help my friends, one of whom is Stuart Coster, who helps run the Democracy Movement.
Stuart also runs a 2nd hand car dealership on the Net. Kwik Guides is at:

"The capitalists would sell us the rope to hang them." -Lenin (supposedly).


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