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Monday, January 02, 2006

You couldn't do this in the Thames on Jan 1st...

This is the sort of activity to partake in so that you realise that it's a new year. It's taken from the Vancouver Sun website:

Brave souls take Polar Bear Dip in English Bay, January 1, 2006
VANCOUVER -- It's that time of year again to strip down and take the plunge.

Thousands of brave souls will shake off the hang-over today to dive into the icy-cold waters of English Bay in Vancouver.

It's one of the largest and oldest polar bear dips in North America.

This year marks the 86th annual swim.

Last year nearly two-thousand people took the plunge while an estimated 10-thousand people turned out just to watch.

Every year, the costumes seem to get more outrageous with prizes offered by the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club.

The club was started in 1920 with only 10 members.

The event is now so big that lifeguards in boats patrol the shores while the swimmers charge into the water.

Less dramatically, I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and found for the first time Primrose Hill, which is just north of Regent's Park and London Zoo. A lot of "celebs" live up there and looking at the prices quoted in the windows of estate agents there is enough to sober anyone up. However the hill itself offers superlative views over London. Also there was an orange red sunset. It is at moments like this a person never has a camera on them! So I've been checking Google images and I hope below will give you some idea of standing on Primrose Hill.


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