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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Prodigal Returns

Hello there! Serious apols for a total lack of blogging over the past few weeks & some explanation is in order.

Apart from working nights on a week on, week off basis (which leaves one when working with a life like a fascist slogan: "Eat, Sleep, Work") I spent a week off trying to write my essay on Britishness for the Fabian/Guardian competition on time and under 3,000 words. Well, I completed it 47 short of the limit. If I win it'll be in The Guardian. If not I'll post it up here.

The other big thing is that I might be standing for public office for the first time ever (I've stood in student elections, but students aren't the bloody public are they?!). I would be a paper candidate in West Hampstead ward for Camden council elections on May 4th. There would be no campaign at all except that my name would be on the ballot paper on behalf of the Greens. Apparently there are a couple of other Greens in the ward (who I must phone soon) which I'm glad of. The main effort will be in nearby wards where the Greens are hopeful of getting a few councillors and holding the balance of power. The council is currently Labour controlled but it looks like being No Overall Control after May 4th. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on that. However, more to the point, more postings on the blog will now appear!


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