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Friday, January 06, 2006

Better Kennedy drunk than Blair sober...

Whatever his health problems, and I am opposed to the Lib Dems on the EU (and quite a bit else), I do think someone somewhere has been plotting for a while to get rid of Charlie K as Lib Dem leader in order to get yet another TV-genic, Neo Con suit to head a major party in this country. I dread the sort of election campaign we'll get next time round. Of course, by then we should know the answer: have the Cons found themselves a new Tony Blair or a new William Hague?

I remember hearing a lot during the Autumn of 2001, post-Sept 11th, that we had entered a period of "The New Seriousness". That is, people would give up on celeb gossip and "reality" TV programmes. For example, "Big Brother". Now we have the sight of George Galloway on the latest series of "Celebrity Big Brother".

Apparently George has said he is doing it to help publicise Respect and the anti-war cause (&, let's be honest, he has done a lot more harm than good on that score). It would be interesting to know how many of the Trots and Muslims who have backed Mr G in the last couple of years tune in to watch Celeb "BB" (and even vote for him to stay on the show!). Whatever it is, This Is Not The New Seriousness.


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