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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Richard North for next Celeb BB!

Britain's Most Boring Public Speaker is also the main voice on the Bruges Group blog. he is getting himself into a right old state about the possibility of Israel bombing Iran's nuclear sites in a very Boys Own Adventure Meets Timothy Potter, Train Spotter sort of tone ("Did you know that F16s can kill you in 23 different ways?"). You can see him getting his Airfix models out on his living room floor and making lots of aircraft noises in the process.

One of Mr N's big gripes in the blog is how dumbed down the papers are these days. A fair point, but I can't imagine people flocking back to them if his interminable prose was to greet them (although he is not the most boring political writer in Britain: that distinction falls to the FT's John Lloyd, whose articles are one of the best cures for insomnia I know). Also RN makes a big point of being from Yorkshire. Who do you think you are, Geoff Boycott?


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