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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Sir, I admire your courage, your strength, your..."

Bloody hell, Society of the Spectacle or what?

Apparently, the Socialist Workers Party (Voltaire's description of the Holy Roman Empire as not Holy, Roman nor an Empire comes to mind here) are not very pleased about George going onto Celeb BB. The SWP are often accused by their rivals in the British Bolshevik political pond as being "populist" (a polite way of saying they maximise the opportunities to sell their paper)- well you can't get more populist than "Big Brother".

I was saying in my piece on Chomsky a few posts back that the great man can downplay the role of individuals in the great scheme of things. Well, it will be interesting to see if Galloway single handedly scuppers the whole Respect project. Hopefully the SWP gets dragged down with him, all hands on deck, and we might get a decent, principled democratic socialist party in this country as a result.


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