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Friday, July 15, 2005

All quiet on the Western front

After my recent flurries of activity on this blog there won't be much for a while. I have a week at work on nights from Monday, followed by 3 weeks in Vancouver for my hols. I intend to have a good break. Then I am back on nights for 3 weeks. So I won't have much time to update this blog. Thought I'd better warn you.

Before I go...I am annoyed by all those pro-war commentators, who are using last Thursday in London as a pathetic post-facto justification for the invasion of Iraq. What makes me laugh if that these writers (i) are hardly used to military service (the phrase "chickenhawk" comes to mind); (ii) are too overweight to serve in the military (wannabe bouncing bombs Stephen Pollard, David Aaronovitch & Johann Hari come to mind); or alternatively (iii)they look like the 6 stone wimps who used to get sand kicked in their faces in the old Charles Atlas adverts (ie Nick Cohen, Michael "Harry Potter" Gove & Mark "Conrad Black's Vicar on Earth" Steyn). Morever, the thought of fighting in the last trench with Christopher "the drinks are on me" Hitchens would hardly inspire one with much martial fortitude, and I doubt whether the Israeli army is so short of female recruits that they need Melanie "Big Nanny Is Watching You" Phillips to blow up Palestinian civilians for them. Perhaps it is the pent-up aggression of desk bound jobs (or mammoth expenses paid lunches) which make them aggressive towards others. Perhaps they should get out more.

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Blogger missyfitz said...

Hey you! When you get here call us. Was wanting to do bard/fireworks for August 6th.

1:18 am  
Blogger Larry Gambone said...

Have a good time in Vancouver - (I am sure you will.) I am from there, by the way...

10:15 pm  

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